Water supply crisis: Does your neighborhood have a water problem?

Drought Study on Madagascar Underlines Complexity of Climate and Challenges of Adaptation in the Extreme Deed – Global Water Risk Group

GHRG, the global water risk organization, writes that millions of people in Madagascar suffer from water shortages and the largest cities of Madagascar are strained by a lack of water.

Challenges for the government and citizens:

* Many rural areas lack basic water and sanitation services, and important urban areas are facing water and sanitation shortages as populations are growing rapidly. * As flood and drought is now common place, governments must ensure access to clean water and protect people and environments against floods and droughts to prevent harmful effects.

This is an extreme drought: The 17-month drought in Madagascar began in November 2015 and appears to have almost vanished. This increases an abundance of data-rich information on the specific reasons for this drought and the drought’s long-term effects. A number of factors contribute to the drought, including climate change and the biological impacts of climate change on alpine regions, such as under-thawing glaciers.

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