The most intimate album of 2019 is about love and pain

Vince Gill wanted to cover an unlikely topic for his forthcoming release, but the only thing on his mind was his legendary sound and his slow, methodical musical process. “You have to put the music first, because if you don’t do that, you’re gonna burn it up,” he says of his new album. “I think that’s the best artistry, making the music first.”

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Artist: Ethereal

Title: Insightful

Made by: Ruthie Foster (vocals, production), Tony Hadley (bass, guitar, vibes), Lenny Russo (drums, percussion, keyboards, electronic records)

The soul singer looks forward to the release of her very anticipated debut album. Her first on Antigone Rising Records, the album features the likes of Jonatha Brooke, Natalie Maines, Hunter Hayes, Dierks Bentley, Patti Smith, Maxwell, Michael Bublé, Johnny Gill, Burt Bacharach, Michael McDonald, Jackson Browne, Common, and Aaron Neville.

Ethereal is a very intimate affair that won’t break the bank, but according to Foster, “it’s a moving thing.” “There are a lot of songs that are really about love and pain,” she says. “It’s an optimistic album with people who can sing with someone else.”

It’s not all about singing or smiling: In her album video, Foster doesn’t just sing — she stares. “It’s done like a conversation,” she says. “There’s just me.”

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