The Chicago boy who died after ingesting fentanyl is being blamed for his own death

There was a series of developments on Tuesday in the case of a 1-year-old Chicago boy who died last week after ingesting fentanyl. The Tribune reports that police charged the boy’s father, Tyrone Glenn, 29, and a 24-year-old friend, Broderick Hamilton, with reckless homicide. The charges came as police continued their investigation of the hospital’s treatment of the toddler.

On May 20, just after 2 a.m., the father arrived at Chicago’s Trinity Hospital with his son who, police say, was “incapacitated and not breathing.” But investigators found that the boy had already been placed in an intensive care unit and died on Friday. The Tribune has more details:

[Scott] Coffina said the toddler died at about 4:15 p.m. Friday at the Children’s Memorial Hospital, just down the street from Trinity Hospital, after he had ingested a lethal amount of fentanyl, which is 50 to 100 times stronger than heroin. The tot was brought to Trinity Hospital around 1:40 a.m. Thursday and admitted to the intensive care unit at about 4 a.m. on Friday, when his condition worsened, Coffina said. At some point, family members took the child to a neighbor’s house for help because he couldn’t be lifted out of the bassinet, but Hamilton was never questioned, Coffina said.

The investigation into the toddler’s death is continuing, and the Cook County state’s attorney’s office said it may introduce evidence from the autopsy to add to the manslaughter charges that were issued Tuesday.


Read the full story at Chicago Tribune.


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