Sudan agrees reform pact with former PM Salah Gosh

Sudan’s military commander and ousted Prime Minister Salah Gosh have agreed an agreement on a provisional formula of reinstating the premiership and freeing political detainees.

“The major players of the government have signed an agreement for reforms with General Salah Gosh [head of the Sudan People’s Liberation Movement-North].

It will be presented on 10 April and depends on the support from two thirds of the Parliament members,” a source close to the talks said.

In the negotiations, Gosh, who has been hospitalised for over a month, said he had temporarily agreed to reinstate the premiership.

He also called for the release of 15 former prime ministers and the former military chief, who are still in detention.

Under the powers-sharing agreement, Gosh is taking the prime ministerial portfolio in the transitional government.

Politically neutral ministers

The transitional government is under the leadership of deputy President Ali Osman Taha as president.

Taha and the foreign minister Mohammed Mustafa Abu-Ragheef led the negotiations and there were appointments of five MPs among the temporary ministers.

The head of the National Congress Party Bahr al-Khuesi was named the caretaker prime minister.

Lawyer Khaled Said was appointed the attorney general.

The presidency is represented by the second vice-president Nafie Ali Nafie.

A source close to the negotiations said Sudan’s army and the Sudan Liberation Movement-North were also included in the transitional government as neutral political ministers.

Meanwhile, the president on Sunday established the country’s new cabinet, which includes a senior pro-government figure, Hassan Osman Sarrazin, as minister of state for national security.

Sarrazin has been the head of the powerful presidential guard since March 2012.

He was appointed to oversee the government’s relations with external partners.

The state news agency SUNA announced the new government while rumours also said that President Omar al-Bashir had picked four ministries: Industry, which becomes a portfolio for Nafie al-Hasani, who has been nominated to head the ministry of industry and minister of social affairs.

Abdallah Mohammad Ismael was appointed minister of finance.

Tahir al-Dayris is appointed minister of culture, where he will be the prime minister.

Justice minister Rakindo Abye has been appointed as head of the ministry of foreign affairs.

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