Rob Spitzer — Determine who can be executed, just not New York Judges

The medical establishment cannot accept the most tragic and costly medical malpractice judgment – juries “feeling lucky” and awarding $140 million in cash. In New York state, where lethal injection is the only final form of execution, every death row inmate will seek to certify that they can’t end their lives – even for the simple crime of nonconsensual donation of organs. From someone else’s suffering – or from a coerced donation.

But there is a simple fix to the problem – someone – the only alternative must be limited to suicide.

For several decades, advocates of assisted suicide have stood on the impotent arm of the courts. But with a SCOTUS majority willing to a stunningly lenient set of judgements on suicide, it’s not surprising.

That is especially the case with the notorious case of Dignitas – a Swiss “suicide clinic.” Dignitas (pronounced “disin”) not only requires the face of the person applying, it has doctors representing the client, assist him, as well as a social worker and even two attorneys (one private legal and one official legal) and in some cases both the lawyer and the lawyer’s partner. Surely the local prosecutor will share in a cut of the proceeds. But the clinic only seems to exist to receive a -now $140 million – sum of money at the end of each process.

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