Post-50s shopping in sun resorts ‘ripped off by shopkeepers’

Media playback is not supported on this device NACI calls for up to £1m a year boost for post-50s

Britons who want to spend their golden years in the sun should get a government financial boost, claims the National Association of Convenience Stores (NACSI).

The group says it has found evidence that some independent shops in sun-drenched hotspots were being “ripped off” by independent operators.

Retailers in ten areas had had financial support to help fund regional stores.

They had received a combination of grants and benefits from the local authority, and had also received support from the council’s community development division.

Organisations had found themselves losing sales when competing with new independent stores for the same clientele.

However, in those areas that funded community businesses, businesses reported a 25% increase in sales from non-discretionary spending, such as haircuts, glasses, clothes and even travel.

Analysis by the NACSI suggested that the UK government could set aside a pot of money equal to £12 per person over the age of 50, to help pay for “retirement tourism” – the move towards accommodation in sun-drenched places.

The group says that would mean at least £1m a year was being put aside in these areas.

“Lifting the price cap on alcoholic drinks and the introduction of a reduction in fuel duty will further help to underpin the post-retirement tourism market,” said Mark Di-George, chief executive of NACSI.

However, the “silver tourists” themselves say their rise to independence and their own financial independence has left them feeling as if they are subsidising shopkeepers.

“We’re not entitled to special benefits from the shops to give us a handbag worth 50p,” said one.

“We like local businesses as they are genuinely helping us get our own way.”

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