Offset is taking this atypical gig: part of a group at a movie party

Offset has been on the scene plenty of times in his young life, from the short fling with Cardi B during V-day festivities in 2016, to performing at Coachella and Carnival around the world. And with Offset and his girlfriend Cardi B having a big 2018 already, the Migos member is sure to keep things interesting. This past weekend, Offset was invited to join a group of friends, including Ansel Elgort, at 10th Annual Art Basel party soiree on Art Deco Saturday night.

Though just in his mid-20s, Elgort has been an actor and musician, his most recent roles coming as the Charlie Swan in the big screen hit, “Crazy Rich Asians” and Gunnar Jensen in “To the Bone.” For him, the “Argento” bash was a night to celebrate artwork from his Harlem-based friend the artist Kaveh Deghandi.

He didn’t waste any time hopping into a cab, driving right out to the Armondo and Deghandi booth. “I just picked the two guys up at the club.” According to Deghandi, the women in the cab huddled around to stare at his paintings before asking if he would take them to a private party upstairs. He obliged, however, it wasn’t “private” enough. Deghandi hopped into a tour bus with Cardi B, 23-year-old Offset and 22-year-old Elgort, to head to the Sixty One Hollywood bash upstairs.

The bus pulled up to the Gucci showroom in a different fashion. “We’re going to see a few guests here,” Elgort said, drawing a crowd. Deghandi added: “There are a couple of artists whose work we plan to work with over the next few months, plus other things in the works.” He also offered his bus to anyone who wanted to spend the night partying, offering the lobby and dark, pristine walls for rent. The 20-seater was decorated with framed, 24karat gold murals and paintings of women wearing dresses on towers made up of natural creases—creating the artwork’s form. It was hard to spot any artists.

Later that night, everyone moved onto a table inside the Gramercy Park Hotel, where the visual art was being hung. The crowd switched from champagne to pre-dinner cocktails, Elgort again kicking things off by starting a phone wave with three of his friends. After cracking open a bottle of Moet, he and Offset, his friends, and Deghandi hit the dance floor, lip syncing to Drake, a true star at the event.

Each guest was given a check, the check for Elgort alone was $80,000. And that’s without any future collaborations.

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