New York-based ZAGG Inc. authorized to sell iPhone 5s cases

If you have an iPhone 5s, you’ll have to buy a fifth case from New York-based ZAGG Inc., rather than a piece from third-party manufacturers, according to an unexpected update posted today on Apple’s website.

MacRumors readers who were concerned about ZAGG Inc. being reselling Apple cases were relieved when it was announced today that ZAGG Inc. was authorized to repackage their third-party iPhone 5s cases for sale on Apple’s website.

Previously, third-party iPhone 5s cases sold through Apple’s online store were sold only by Apple, and not third-party vendors such as third-party case makers, according to MacRumors.

However, the relationship with Apple is still shaky. Apple Vice President, Corporate Communications, Phil Schiller took to Twitter to state that Apple has vetted the case manufacturers and repackagers listed today with ZAGG Inc., but that Apple has “made the determination that we can’t validate that all of the information provided meets our quality standards.”

MacRumors doesn’t think Apple will post a similar update for all of the other repackagers.

Fortunately, ZAGG Inc. is working hard to combat the issue of fake Apple iPhone 5s cases. ZAGG Inc. announced plans to create its own online store on Monday. The company believes many cases listed today on Apple’s website are fake.

ZAGG Inc. President and CEO, Jason Hawkins, issued a statement on Monday, stating, “We can confirm that ZAGG Inc. repurchased over 2,500 certified iPhone 5 cases and put them through rigorous quality testing and we are satisfied they are legitimate. In addition, a thorough investigation showed that more than 300,000 ZAGG iPhone 5 covers were actually sold at retail in China, and we are also investigating how many of these cases were sold for resale in the U.S. or the other countries where these covers are sold.”

ZAGG Inc. also owns cases and cover designers iFrogz and Speck.

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