McDonald’s updates food menu, U.S. business strategy

“New Zones, System Redesign and Shake-Up at the Top” says the 2019-2022 Campaign from McDonald’s USA. As the company rolls out its “ease-experience of your cup-and-cash machine” marketing strategy around the world, competition is hot in the fast food category and McDonald’s is using these marketing efforts to kick-start a change from its “high-volume, low-quality business model” to a “restaurant of choice, high-quality, easy, delicious” experience.

“Our Menu Is Very Darwinian.” The new campaign from McDonald’s in 2019-2022 will focus on what McDonald’s needs to be “everything everyone loves about the brand” and the “most attractive dining option for people across the country to choose from.” How will McDonald’s do this? By taking a look at its customers’ top desires, how this will make McDonald’s better and the competition to offer them what they want.

“Not so quick!” The fast food chain will be introducing its first ever mobile ordering platform in 2019-2022, where customers can order and pay from their mobile device or store smartwatch, giving them a convenient, sit-down meal option at the push of a button.

“In our quest to reinvent our brand around the world, McDonald’s has emphasized for more than two decades its ability to adapt to changing customer needs and technology. We do not see that trend reversing any time soon.”

“In that vein, we are completely redesigning our U.S. restaurants to create a new higher-quality, enhanced customer experience through multiple well-designed, modern restaurant structures.”

“McDonald’s is not just a product but a brand with a purpose to change the way people think about eating out, exercise and live their day-to-day lives,” McDonald’s stated.

“The new menu will not only look different, the consumer service will be drastically different. We still have some open spaces in restaurants, but with the new layout, we are actually taking out all that high rent expensive wall where people just stand up and talk to each other while you eat.”

“It will be like a restaurant in a museum.”

“In order to achieve this, our chefs will be trained and will be led by our best talent and will operate with a new mentality about food and how you serve it and how you operate the restaurant,” claims McDonald’s.


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