Can anyone watch more than five hours of television a day?

Watching has become a pastime, a hobby, the habit of today’s youngest citizens – but is watching taking it too far?

Nine-year-old Noah Batallion watched animated children’s TV programmes last weekend, his “vomit face” erupting into a crimson foam as he blushed and sighed in pain at the prospect of a typically prolonged viewing session.

Can anyone watch more than five hours of television a day, as many of us happily do? Or are we peering into some dystopian future?

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This shocking news of our collective TV-watching habit could also be regarded as a prescription for a Saturday night of distraction and unbridled entertainment. It is for this purpose that parents are programming their children’s rooms with beaming screens and charging everything on smartphone chargers.

Technology and entertainment have been clashing in various forms for millennia – but this does not necessarily mean they are an obsession.

There are much more interesting questions to ask than watching too much TV and how much is too much.

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