British Columbia takes next step to help flood-damaged Wildwood

British Columbia Gov. Joni Boucher visited the flooded town of Wildwood on Monday, promising the government’s support as communities recover from severe flooding and loss of property.

“This is the time for communities to pull together, to be the best they can be,” Boucher said in a news release. “All British Columbians, including those affected by the flooding and their neighbours, will be supported as governments and businesses come together to help the recover.”

Wildwood, which has a population of about 700, was ravaged by weekend flooding caused by heavy rains and snow melt. Flooding trapped several residents and evacuations were ordered. Many roads and bridges were washed out, affecting as many as 2,000 people.

Wildwood Mayor Peter Anderson said an assessment of the town found that more than 1,000 homes were damaged, about 150 of them severely. The entire town had some level of flooding.

Boucher said the province would provide assistance with the cleanup and recovery as well as support to property owners. More than 30 federal, provincial and local governments are working together to coordinate the recovery efforts.

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